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Toenail Fungus Fingernail Fungus Yellow Fungus White Fungus
Toenail fungus is the most common strain of nail fungus that affects the adult population
While fungus normally affects the toes, fingernail fungus is a very real threat.
Yellow Nail Fungus is one of the more noticeable types of nail fungus.
White Nail Fungus is slightly less noticeable but just as severe as other types of nail fungus.

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The toenails have grown thick and brittle and will soon break apart or fall off.

In this example, the nails have already begun breaking apart or falling off.

When it comes to nail fungus, people forget that the skin around the nail is at risk as well.

Vertical and Horizontal striations prove to be early signs that the nail will soon bend or break apart.

The nail has separated entirely from the nail bed, a process called debridement, which has allowed the infection to grow.

Vertical lines going down to the base of the nail are an early indicator that the nail will likely break apart.

This nail has started to grow inwards into the skin and has caused some irritation and bleeding.

A severe infection across multiple nails should be taken very seriously, so that the infection doesn’t spread to more nails or other people.

The nail, which has become severely infected, has chipped away and grown deformed.

The severity of this infection can be seen by the dying areas of skin around the nail.

These nails have started to grow in deformed as a result of the infection.

The large amount of debris stuck underneath the nail is contributing to the infection.

A crack can be seen in the nail which will ultimately cause the nail to fall apart.

White specks or spots are a common sign of white nail fungus.

The integrity of the nail deteriorates as the process of debridement begins.

Dirt and debris trapped around and under the nail increase the strength of the infection.

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