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Company Name: Bayer
Active Ingredients: Urea
Supplementary Ingredients: Cera alba (beeswax), Lanolin - Also comes with bandages and a Nail Scraper
Site: http://canespro.ie/
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Canespro, also known as Canesten is a nail fungus ointment that is sold primarily in Britain. Canespro is made from the chemical urea in addition to a number of other ingredients that help make up the cream. Part of what makes Canespro so successful is its intuitive formula and its enclosed accessories.
Product Information:

Canespro is a premium nail fungus product that brings a unique approach to nail fungus. This product uses urea in addition to a number of supplementing waxes to make up its formulation. Part of what makes Canespro’s proprietary formula so special is the fact that it is a cream based ointment rather than a liquid product. One flaw that Canespro suffers from however is the lack of a refund policy from the manufacturer. Canespro actually comes as a part of a system which also contains a set of bandages and a nail scraper.
  • Unique Formula
  • Shipped Internationally Through a Number of Vendors
  • Available In Stores And Online
  • Comes With Bandages and Nail Scraper
Application Process:

Canespro comes in a small tube and is applied to the top of the infected finger or toenail. Unlike any of the other products featured on this site there is no device that aids you in the application process. The formula comes as a part of a set that contains a collection of bandages and a plastic nail scraper. According to their application instructions they recommend that you apply the Canespro to your toenail and keep it covered with a bandage for 24 hours before removing the bandage, soaking the toenail and scraping the softened nail off with the enclosed nail scraper. The scraper is then supposed to be cleaned and the entire process is renewed until applying Canespro is no longer necessary, which they state should be from 2 to 3 weeks.
Product Ingredients:

Ingredients: The primary ingredient of Canespro is Urea, which is considered important in metabolizing nitrogen in animals and is used for a number of different skin conditions. Urea is known for having the potential to soften and moisturize the keratin in skin or in finger and toenails. Other ingredients that supplement the formula are Cera alba (beeswax) and Lanolin. These are both waxes secreted from animals that have known waterproofing and moisturizing properties that fortify the blend of ingredients.
Company Information:

Canespro is a product sold by Bayer, a German pharmaceutical company that makes a number of medications as well as many different over the counter products by prescription, online or in stores. Bayer has pioneered a number of medical and cosmetic products whether they are over the counter or through prescription.

Canespro is a unique nail fungus product that utilizes a cream containing urea in its formulation. Although it is more popular in Europe and does not come with any applicators or a stated return policy Canespro has enough positive aspects and qualities to warrant our recommendation as a nail fungus product.
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