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Kerasal Nail
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Company Name: Moberg Pharma North America
Active Ingredients: Urea
Supplementary Ingredients: Propylene glycol, glycerin, lactic acid, water, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA
Site: http://www.kerasal.com/
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Kerasal Nail is a urea based nail fungus product. The product features a clear, colorless liquid that is easily applied using their silicone applicator. Readily available in many stores nationwide, it has become one of our recommended products.
Product Information:

With it's easy to use (and re-use) silicone applicator and non-intrusive formula, Kerasal Nail is a hard product not to like. The 10 mL of solution found in a single bottle is significantly less than some of the other products featured on Toenail-Fungus.Org, however it's availability and overall quality make it a great product at any cost.
  • Available In- Store Nationwide
  • Easy Application “No-Mess” Silicone Applicator
  • Preservative Free
  • Clear, Colorless Liquid
  • Dries Quickly On The Nail
  • Can Also Be Used for Psoriasis
Application Process:

The Kerasal Nail application process is quick and extremely straightforward. The product instructions found directly with the packaging do not mention cleaning the nail prior to application, however as with any topical product, we chose to do this in our review for best results. Using their silicone applicator, apply a thin layer of the clear solution to any affected nails, prior to going to bed. Although it does take a few minutes to dry, the clear coat holds up well
Product Ingredients:

Propylene glycol, urea, glycerin, lactic acid, water, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA. Urea seems to be the main ingredient in Kerasal Nail designed for nail fungus. Commonly used on a variety of skin conditions, it's also shown to soften and the keratin found in skin or nails. The additional ingredients are often used for preservation and in this case, for overall nail strengthening.
Company Information:

Kerasal Nail is sold by Moberg Pharma. In addition to Kerasal Nail, they also other skin care products, such as Balmex and Domeboro.

Overall Kerasal Nail is a great product that has earned our recommendation. Our only issue was that Kerasal Nail claims their standard 10 mL package is a “3 Month Supply for Up To 3 Nails”. Based on other featured products, this is a very small amount for any serious fungal infection. If used as directed, with only one to three moderately infected nails, it's still a good value at that price. It's easy application and quick-drying clear formula make Kerasal Nail hard to ignore.
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