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Company Name: Galderma UK
Active Ingredients: Amorolfine 5%
Supplementary Ingredients: Ammonio Methacrylate Copolymer A, Triacetin, Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate and Ethanol.
Site: http://www.loceryl-curanail.co.uk/
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Loceryl-Curanail is a nail fungus formula that is designed for mild nail fungus infections. Loceryl-Curanail is the only product featured on this website that utilizes the chemical Amorolfine in its mixture. Although this product is most popular in Britain we have decided that this product’s unique formula, accessories and method of application have met our criteria for being a top product.
Product Information:

Loceryl-Curanail comes in a 3 ml bottle or a three month supply. Along with this bottle, the company provides 10 applicators, 30 cleaning swabs, 30 nail files and an informational pamphlet, which is perhaps the most accessories out of any of our featured products. The pamphlet contains information on Loceryl-Curanail’s uses, instructions for application, potential side effects and ingredients. For safety, they do not recommend using the product if you are under the age of 18, are pregnant or have more than 2 infected nails. Aside from Curanail, Loceryl also sells a moisturizing nail gel as a cosmetic accessory. The Nail Gel however is not meant for nail fungus and the company recommends sticking to Curanail as a nail fungus product.
  • Comes With A Large Assortment of Accessories
  • Requires Application Only Once Per Week
  • Information Booklet
  • For Use on Mild Nail Fungus Infections
Application Process:

Loceryl-Curanail is unique in the fact that it simply requires to be applied once a week. Their instructions state that to apply Loceryl-Curanail one needs to file the nail down with one of the included files. Once the nail is properly filed they recommend cleaning the nail before using one of the included applicators or a reusable one to smear the lacquer on the infected nail. The company recommends continuing Loceryl-Curanail until it is no longer necessary. Although this seems overcomplicated, these detailed instructions show how complicated the formula of Loceryl-Curanail is.
Product Ingredients:

The primary ingredient that Loceryl-Curanail utilizes is a 5% mixture of Amorolfine. Amorolfine is popularly used in a number of nail fungus products and lacquers. In the United Kingdom and Australia mixtures containing Amorolfine are permitted for over the counter sale while a number of other countries require a prescription. To enhance and thicken the formula, Loceryl-Curanail utilizes plasticizing agents like Triacetin and chemicals like butyl acetate, which are known to give off a sweet and fruity smell.
Company Information:

Loceryl-Curanail is sold by the company Galderma UK, where their primary focus is dermatology. Galderma sells many types of skincare products such as acne creams, sunscreens and creams for psoriasis.

Loceryl-Curanail is a topical lacquer that is sold by Galderma UK and contains 5% Amorolfine. Aside from its intuitive formula one of the major qualities that determine our rating is the generous addition of nail files, cleaning swabs and applicators. We believe that these additions make the application of the Loceryl-Curanail formula much easier. We recommend this product based on our criteria of the formula’s complexity and the additional features Loceryl-Curanail has to offer.
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