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Treatment Option: Fungavir

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Fungavir has one of the best formulas available. It uses Undecylenic Acid as its active ingredient but there is a major crux about this product that prevents us from rating it very highly. It contains a very high concentration of Undecylenic Acid which can be damaging to the skin and nails of people trying to use it. Fungavir uses almost twice the amount of Undecylenic Acid as PurNail which is the reason it is so damaging.

  • Made by Fungavir
  • Available in 22ml bottles
  • Available on Amazon
  • No Fillers or Additives

We would say that anyone interested in an Undecylenic Acid based treatment should consider another treatment other than Fungavir. The concentration of Undecylenic Acid is so high that it can only do more harm than good. Irritation to the skin and nails can be harmful especially in the context of trying to return your nails to their once healthy state.

Fungavir uses a pretty generous amount of Undecylenic Acid in their formula, which can be very damaging to the nail and the surrounding skin if used incorrectly. Its supporting ingredients are those that would make for a very successful formula if they were to tone down on the amount of Undecylenic Acid they used. For this reason, we do not recommend that anyone uses Fungavir while there are other products available that have a fair balance of an active ingredient and supporting ingredients.

Key Product Notes:

  • Contains Undecylenic Acid
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Discounts on Multiple Bottle Purchases
  • Brush Applicator Included

Active Ingredients

Undeclyenic Acid

Other Ingredients

Manuka Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Almond Oil, Aloe, Clove, Jojoba Oil, Black Walnut, Lemon Grass

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