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Mycocide Nail Solution - nail fungus treatment
Not Rated

Mycocide NS Antifungal Treatmentis a low-cost antifungal treatment that can be used with painted nails.
  • Kills Fungus in the Nailbed
  • High Power Fungus Treatment
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Approved Diabetes Patients
  • Can Be Used With Polished Nails
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Price: $12.99

Product Introduction: This page serves as a reference for consumers of the product Mycocide NS for nail fungus. Here you’ll find pertinent information in regard to the product and you’ll find user feedback with a survey portion that can be filled out to provide further enhancement of this review in the future.
Treatment Type: Over-The-Counter Topical
Treatment Time: N/A
Application: Two topical applications a day once in the morning and once at night.
Treatment Cost: $12.99
Customer Service: N/A
Guarantee: None
Availability: Available in retail chains and online.
Editor's Recommendation: This is certaintly something you may want to consider in your fungal treatment. It's also easily available in your local phamacies or online. Some of the packages come with a complete grooming kit to accompany the treatment regimen. Users experienced a "mixed bag" when it came time to review this product.
Return-Policy: No return policy given
Price: $12.99
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Nail Fungus Tips
  • Keep Nails Dry - Wear open shoes/sandals as much as possible.


    Treat Fungus Early - Get treatment and stick to it. The quicker you treat fungus the easier it will be.


    Use Moisture Absorbing Socks - Moist damp areas are the breeding grounds for fungus.


    Clean your feet with anti-microbial soap. This will aid you in treating and preventing further fungus.


    Wear clean socks and shoes. Fresh socks will prevent a fungus build up and aid in preventing and treating fungus.


    Talk to a Podiatrist.