Fungus Fix

by O.P.I.
OPI Fungus Fix
Not Rated

  • Free of toxic fragrances
  • Tested clinically
  • Does not irritate nails
  • Available at many nail salons
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Price: $12.99

Product Introduction: Read information about OPI Fungus Fix here. Product profile has been thoroughly researched to supply you with everything you need to know before you choose a fungal nail treatment. Each product on this site has been tested for it’s quality and effectiveness. You can add your own comments by following the link further down the page to complete our survey.
Treatment Type: Topical over the counter treatment.
Treatment Time: Can improve appearance within two to three weeks.
Application: Apply treatment to clean nails on a daily basis.
Treatment Cost: $17
Customer Service: Customer service is extremely difficult to contact
Guarantee: none
Availability: Available in stores and salons throughout US.
Editor's Recommendation: OPI Fungus Fix is more of a cosmetic product than a medical treatment. Prolonged use can improve the appearance of fungal infection on the toenails although not to a degree which justifies it being marketed solely as a fungal toe treatment. It would be worthwhile to try another treatment in place of OPI Fungus Fix.
Return-Policy: Return policy varies by retailer
Price: $12.99
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Nail Fungus Tips
  • Keep Nails Dry - Wear open shoes/sandals as much as possible.


    Treat Fungus Early - Get treatment and stick to it. The quicker you treat fungus the easier it will be.


    Use Moisture Absorbing Socks - Moist damp areas are the breeding grounds for fungus.


    Clean your feet with anti-microbial soap. This will aid you in treating and preventing further fungus.


    Wear clean socks and shoes. Fresh socks will prevent a fungus build up and aid in preventing and treating fungus.


    Talk to a Podiatrist.