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Aidance Pedesil Anti-Fungal Cream - nail fungus treatment
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Chief Editor's Pedesil Review:

Consumers who have used Aidance Pedesil have not been displeased with the results. Although Pedesil includes their ‘special ingredient’, all other components are used in most fungal toe remedies. Reasonably priced at $19 the product may offer value for money. Customers have agreed that continued application can be effective to relieving fungal toe infections over time. No customer ‘horror stories’ have been voiced so far.
Key Product Information
  • All Natural Nail Care Product
  • Clears Discoloration
  • Repairs Dryness and Cracking
  • NOT specifically formulated for nail fungus
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Price: $19.00

Treatment Information

Treatment Type: Over the counter topical.
Active Ingredients: The natural ingredients of Pedesil toe-fungal treatment is made up from a blend of jojoba oil, beeswax and essential oils. Over a five year testing period, no side-effects have been recorded. Pedesil includes the Aidance trademarked product Silver-Oxide which is present in all their products.
Other Ingredients:
Side-Effects / Safety: Safe
Average User Rating:

Product Info

Full Product Name: Pedesil
Company: Aidance
Official Return Policy / Guarantee: 30 Day Limited Return Policy
Cost: $19.00
Discount Prices: $19
Where to Buy / Official Website: Pedesil

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It did help my toenail color go from an unsightly yellow to white but my nails are still thick and smell badly.

Reviewed By:  Lynetta on Mar 03, 2014 

3.0 3.0 1 1

It did help my toenail color go from an unsightly yellow to white but my nails are still thick and smell badly.

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Nail Fungus Tips
  • Keep Nails Dry - Wear open shoes/sandals as much as possible.


    Treat Fungus Early - Get treatment and stick to it. The quicker you treat fungus the easier it will be.


    Use Moisture Absorbing Socks - Moist damp areas are the breeding grounds for fungus.


    Clean your feet with anti-microbial soap. This will aid you in treating and preventing further fungus.


    Wear clean socks and shoes. Fresh socks will prevent a fungus build up and aid in preventing and treating fungus.


    Talk to a Podiatrist.